Past Store Events

May 1999- Rich Koslowski- Creator of How to pick up Girls if You're a Comic Book Geek, Three Geeks and Three Fingers graphic novel help the store celebrate it's 5th anniversary with an in store signing.

October 1999- Rick Koslowski and Mike Bianco- True Tales from the Comic Shop. They came in to help celebrate the release of the first issue of Geeksville with the first installment of True Tales from the Comic Shop, authored by Al, of Al N Ann's.

May 11, 2002- Jerry "The King" Lawler- WWE Commentator, Wrestler, and Artist Jerry came to the new store for an autograph session that had a great turn out. Old school Memphis Wrestling fans as well as current WWE fans came out to see "The King". Jerry was wonderful and took time out to talk with each of the fans and even had time to kid around with the store staff after the signing. Once that was done, Jerry and the Staff headed off to support a charity basketball game in Crystal Lake.

May 10, 2003- George "The Animal" Steele- Wrestling Legend, Actor, Educator George's appearance was quite an event; someone had the idea of bringing George to the store in an ambulance. The ambulance pulled up sirens and lights running and George threw the side door open and sprung out as "The Animal". One of the "bystanders" tried to calm George down and George proceeded to slam his head into the side of the ambulance (good thing we had paramedics standing by), before our Nurse Betty came out to calm him down and bring him into the store, but that didn't last long. George wasn't done with the guy outside. He came running out of the store with a chair and proceeded to beat the poor guy with it while he was laying on the ground, now George was ready for his appearance. George signed autographs for over two hours for his fans, taking time to talk with each and every one of them. He even had one of the younger fans drop kick his mother (she was a trooper). It was a great time for everyone involved.

August 11, 2003- Andy Lee- Artist- Sam and Twitch and Ultimate Marvel Team Up Andy stopped by the store after the Wizard World Chicago 2003 convention. Since he was in town and knew one of the regular customers, he came by for a surprise visit. It was great to have him stop by and spend some time with us.

May 15, 2004- Rich Koz "Svengoolie"- Chicago TV Legend Helped us celebrate our 10th anniversary. Svengoolie stopped by for a visit. This was quite an event as we also had a local television show come in and tape some segments for their show highlighting the store and Svengoolie's appearance. We had several hundred people show up for this event (one person even drove over two hours to be there), there wasn't a dull moment the whole time. I guess after almost 25 years involved with Chicagoland television you can build quite a diverse following. People from all walks of live came to visit that day, and Sven made their efforts totally worth it by signing for over two hours.

August 28th 2004-David Rodriguez, Chuck Lee, and Cef Grima from Arcana Studios stopped by the store to celebrate the release of David's new release- Starkweather - Two weeks after David's appearance at Wizard World Chicago 2004(linking goodness)- He brought along two of his pin-up and concept artist with him to talk with people about writing books, software development, concept art, and to do sketches and sign autographs.

October 16th 2004 - Mark Ricketts and Will Pfeifer came to the store to help celebrate the release of Mark's Lazarus Jack from Dark Horse Comics and Will's continuing work with DC (Swamp Thing, Aquaman, Blood of the Demon, and an upcoming project that Will wouldn't spill the beans about). We had a great time and many interesting visitors. We spent about a half hour interviewing both of them (which will eventually make the interview page) and talking general comic industry stuff. It was an interesting and informative visit, thanks to everyone who stopped by.

If you want to hear what we talked about click here to download an interview in mp3 format. The audio is not the greatest since it was recorded on tape with no microphone then recorded digitally, so there is a lot of background noise. If you have a high speed connection, be warned the file is a bit over 26MB. If you have dial up, e-mail us and maybe we can make you a copy.

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