Reviews May 11th, 2005

Welcome to our new look for the reviews. We will still have some longer reviews, but instead of not having reviews posted due to conflicting schedules, we are going to try out this new shorter version to at least post some reviews each week.
Here is the key for what you are seeing:

= Not worth the paper it's printed on
= It is an OK book, not the greatest
= It is a decent book- Worth picking up
= Better than most books out there- Worth a second read
= This is what all books should aspire to be

Publisher: DC Comics
Plots: John Byrne
Scripts: Wil Pfeifer
Art: John Byrne and Nekros

Three issues in and some interesting changed for the Demon have taken place. This book is off to a good start. The dialog is still a bit rough, but a lot better than the first issue.


Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Writer: Paul Chadwick
Art: Paul Chadwick

Last issue saw the break up of Larry's engagement and an interesting revelation regarding Concrete's "skin" condition. This issue shows where these events lead and reveal a new shocking event.

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: David Hine
Art: Michael Gaydos and Bill Sienkiewicz (cover)

This mini-series gets better and better. The involvemnt of Daredevil serves only to complicate matters in the strict religious town, also providing the primary suspect in the murder an out of sorts.


Publisher: DC Comics
Writers: David Lapham and Scott Beatty
Art: Ramon Bachs, Nathan Massengill and Jeff Parker

I'm very glad to see that this story line didn't carry on for 12 issues. Lapham has way too many dark crime stories in him to only lend his talents to one 12 issue run. 6 issues was about right. The bad, I can't remember a memorable backup story in this title.

Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Peter David
Art: David Lopez and Fernando Blanco

Note this isn't the actual cover to this book, the real cover sports artwork by George Perez, spotlighting his and Peter David's characters Sachs and Violens. I'm glad that this issue does not end with a sense of finality, although it is the last issue of the DC series for now, there is the possibility of it reappearing elsewhere... hopefully.

GLA #2 (Of 4)
Writer: Dan Slott
Art: Paul Pellitier and Rick Maygar

With the death of a team member last issue and what appears as the shortes tenure for any hero on a "super" team, the GLA is running at full tilt. In attempts to recruit new members, and getting many hearty "NO" answers, who will fill the void of the disbanded Avengers? At the rate they're going, it won't be the GLA.


Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Joe Kelley
Art: Doug Mahnke and Tom Nguyen

Building up to the big climax. With Manchester Black seemingly back, and the JLA unable to stop him, it will be up to the broken spirited remaining members of the Elite to stop both Blacks.

POWER PACK #2 (Of 4)
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Marc Sumarek
Art: Gurihiru

The only thing that keeps this book from being 5 stars is the price. It would be a great book to get kids reading comic books, but at $2.99 an issue it's pretty steep (but most books are now-a-days).

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Frank Cho
Art: Frank Cho

Normally I would complain about the big panels and how they tend to make a story drag on and on, when it could be told in fewer issues bringing the cost of the story down, but it Frank Cho and dinosaurs. No complaints here. This issue nat as good as the last, but still strong, they've found the antidote, now will they make it back to the camp in time, more so...alive.

Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Grant Morrison
Art: Simone Bianchi

The art in this book is fantastic. The stroy from last issue wasn't the greatest, but after readin this issue, I see that Morrison is building up to something and it's looking good. The last knight of Camelot stranded in the future after being trapped by his enemy for what seemed like moments in his time but was hundreds of years in the real world, must now confront the challenges and enemies of today.

Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Judd Winick
Art: Ian Churchill and Norm Rapmund

Thank goodness this story line is over, after reading the ending, I am really disappointed in one thing, timing. This book should have been scheduled to come out before the Day of Vengence Series or at least the week of. It may have made this issue stand up a little better.


Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Warren Ellis
Art: Adam Kubert and John Dell

The only thing I don't like about this book is the huge "art showcase" this story could have been told in at least one less issue if it weren't for the huge splash panels here and there. I understand that from time to time you want to emphasize the scope of things, but it's OK to not go crazy. Otherwise a good story, and the art, is good, I would just like to see more of it each issue.

Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Gail Simone
Art: Dale Eaglesham, Wade von Grawbadger and J.G. Jones (cover)

This book is not what I thought it was going to be. I figured from the cover it was going to be a sort of 6 villian team up to take down the DC heros for what was revealed in Identity Crisis. While it started out as a recruitment drive by the 6 on the cover, the focus shifted towards the end to a band of six that wouldn't join up with them, so it's 6 2nd tier villians agains the army recruited by, Black Adam, Calculator, Talia, Dr. Destiny, Lex Luthor, and Deathstroke and the DC heros. Great twist of expectations.

Publisher: Jason
Art: Jason

Rear Window meets a life lesson on what it means to actually have "lived" a life. The main character, lamenting over a lost love and a life with not much to show, has a favor for a friend turn into a life changing ordeal, giving him one of the stories he longs to be able to tell to friends and family when reflecting back.




Publisher: DC Comics (Vertigo)
Writer: Brian K Vaughn
Art: Goran Sudzuka, Jose Marzan Jr. and Massimo Carnevale

It's almost as if Yorick is an afterthought lately, the characters surrounding him have been far more interesting. This book always pleases.

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