Reviews June 22nd, 2005

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Here is the key for what you are seeing:

= Not worth the paper it's printed on
= It is an OK book, not the greatest
= It is a decent book- Worth picking up
= Better than most books out there- Worth a second read
= This is what all books should aspire to be

Action Comics #828
Writer: Gail Simone
Art: John Byrne and Nelson

Antoher strong outing by Simone and her art team. Like I meantioned last time, Byrnes pencils with Nelson's finishing touches is some of the best art I've seen come from Byrne and a colaborator in quite some time. This is the second part of Superman dealing with Dr. Polaris and his split personality. Just when he thinks he has things in hand, Black Adam and Zoom show up to "rescue" Polaris, bringing the foreshadowing of a conflict to come.

Batman: Dark Detective #3
Writer: Steve Englehart
Art: Marshall Rogers and Terry Austin

It turns out that there is more to Two Face than we had originally thought, that more, a clone with one specific difference, no disfiguremnet. And it appears that this clone does not suffer from the dual personality that Harvey Dent does. Meanwhile the Joker soldiers on with his mayoral campaign, and it seems that the Harveys may be in the way.


Breech #6
Writer: Bob Harras
Art by Marcos Martin and Alvaro Lopez

This book has really suprised me, I originally picked it up to give the first issue a try, and it turns out that each month it gets better and better, after running into the JLA in issue 4 and now coming up against what seems like three tribesmen and their human like ally, Breech's world becomes more interesting. If you are looking for a solid story and artwork each month I recommend this book.


Gotham Central #32
Writer: Greg Rucka
Art by Steve Lieber and Chris Brunner (cover)

Am I confused? I thought Poison Ivy died in one of the other Batman titles. This is the story of two crooked cops and the repercussions of their run in with a homeless girl who was interested in nothing more than adding some books that no one wanted to her reading collection. How does Ivy figure in? After their terminal encounter, the officers face retribution for the murder of the girl who was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Great interior art by Steve Lieber.

Green Arrow #51
Writer: James Peaty
Art: Eric Battle, Jack Purcell and James Jean (cover)

Anarcy is back, last I remember seeing him was around the time of the "mudpack" crossover in the Batman titles back when Norm Breyfogle was on the art chores of one of the books. That's quite some time, I had completely forgotten about the character, and now it seems he's back. I find that he's a good juxtaposition to Green Arrow, radical and more radical at odds (which one is which) yet working together.

JLA #115
Writer: Geoff Johns and Allan Heinberg
Art: Chris Batista, Mark Farmer and Rags Morales and Mark Farmer (cover)

It truly begins here. There have been hints, the past few months that Batman knows what the rest of the JLA did to him back when they mind wiped Doctor Light as exposed in the Identity Crisis mini from last year. Now it turns out that more than just Dr. Light and Batman have had their memories altered, by the so called good guys.

Mary Jane: Homecoming #4
Writer: Sean McKeever
Art:: Takeshi Miyazawa

The final issue of this mini-series, freindships are broken and healed while new relationships begin, ahhh teen melodrama. Granted this isn't the O.C. (I'm making a reference to a show I've never watched- yikes), but it is still a good book. I hope Marvel continues to produce books like this for the youngins.



Pulse #9
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Art: Michael Lark and Mike Mayhew (cover)

I totally forgot about this book, when was the last time it came out? This is part four of the Secret War story line that I hear rumors has been going on since...must be a few years now. The other issues come out so irregularly of the mini series that it's hard to get excited for this book and I need to dig through many months of past books to catch up on what is going on. Despite my sniping, it's still a solid enough story and Lark's art is always welcome.

Rann Thangar War #2
Writer: Dave Gibbons
Art: Ivan Reis and Marc Campos

Since I'm not sure what is going on in this book (I missed the first issue), I'm going to hold my comments until I have a chance to read them together, just to be fair but from what I read this is my rating for now, I reserve the right to adjust it up or down after I get my hands on the next issue.



Ultimate Fantastic Four #19
Writer: Mike Carey
Art: Jae Lee

In-between alert!!! Mike and Jae are here to hang around with you until the next creative team takes over so get them while you can, you'll know when they are gone because the first issue of the new team will have a variant cover to celebrate (oops that's some unsolicited commentary). The team is returning to the Baxter Building when they are attacked from within. Who is behind it and what is their motivation, could it be revenge for not making it into the Baxter think tank, or something more?

Ultimate Spider-Man #78
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Art: Mark Bagley and Scott Hanna

And I thought the current issue of Mary Jane had a lot of teen angst. A "talking heads" issue of Mary Jane dealing with the aftermath of the breakup. After meeting a new boy, is she really ready to move on? I think we all know the answer.

Since I have a little extra space I thought I would vent a little, as a kind of follow up to my grumbling up in the Ult. Fantastic Four review. Lately a lot of companies have been producing more and more variant covers. I can almost see it when it comes to a second printing of a book, or a book that celebrates an anniversary,, but lately there just seems to be more and more announcements of extra special, limited edition, why the heck are we doing this, variant covers. I'm curious to see what you think about this latest trend, personally it worries me a bit, I hope the lessons of the 90s haven't been lost. Plus I don't think it's fair to the smaller retailers since they have a smaller resource pool so they may not have the chance to get their hands on these books to offer them to their customers. The big are rewarded while the small are disgruntled. Seriously, what do you think, talk about it in the forums.

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