Reviews August 24th, 2005

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= Better than most books out there- Worth a second read
= This is what all books should aspire to be

Amazing Fantasy #11
Writers: Fred Van Lente and Jeff Parker
Art: Leonard Kirk, Frederica Manfredi and James Jean (cover)

While the lead feature with the new Scorpion is moving right along, it is burdened by making way for the 8 page back up for the Vampire by Night. While this is a good series for showcasing new characters, it seems a bit unbalanced. 8 pages isn't quite enough to make a decent backup for the character, while the lead feels like it is cut short.

Blood of the Demon #6
Writers: John Byrne and Will Pfeifer
Art: John Byrne and Nekros

Jason Blood's search for a way to keep the demon Etrigan under control has lead Blood to an oppertunity, but at what price? Will finally seizing control over his inner Demon cost him more than he is prepared to pay? And with the current state of affairs in the Magical Realm of the DC Universe, is the offer truely what it appears to be? After the last few issues, this book looks to be fining some more stability.

DC Special: The Return of Donna Troy #3
Writer: Phil Jimenez
Art: Jose Louis Garcia-Lopez and George Perez

Troia is attackiing her former allies, the former and current Teen Titans. Having been "brainwashed" by the gods, she is bent upon the destruction of her former partners while advancing the plans of her current "allies", but when tha plan could result in the destruction of a civilization or planet, will her past, help overcome the influence she is currently under and help he come out from under their spell. Once she does, what kind of retaliation will she be after? After a confusing first two issues (for someone not familiar with the character) things are starting to come together so that I can finally understand what is happening.

Detective Comics #809
Writer: Anderson Gabrych
Art: Pete Woods, Bit, Tommy Castillo, Rodney Ramos and Jock (cover)

This month, in the bat titles, features the aftermath of the War Games "event". Someone has leaked the identity of Stephanie Brown (Spoiler and Robin) and Batman is under increasing pressure from the police and the public. One of Batman's allies disappears, and he performes what I think is a very uncharacteristic move, when he finds a crime scene while looking for the informational leak. This four part story will run through all the Batman titles this month. Then everything will get back to normal, until the next crossover happens.

Gotham Central #34
Writers: Greg Ruka and Ed Brubaker
Art: Kano, Stefano Guadiano and Sean Phillips (cover)

Who better to bring in for questioning about the apparent death of Robin, when Batman won't cooperate than the members of his current team, the Teen Titans. After last issues events and the death of a teen age boy dressed as Robin, the GCPD are trying to get to the bottom of the whys surrounding the mystery. The detectives are split as to the level of blame that is Batmans for having a sidekick in the first place, which is understandable, especially after the War Games events. But when the Titans com in to answer some questions, and with Batman seeming to work against the investigation, the GCPD are getting nowhere fast, and it doesn't help that another body shows up.

JSA #76
Writer: Geoff Johns
Art: David Lopez, Fernando Blanco and Alex Ross (cover)

The OMACs have a new wildcard that they must figure out how to deal with. Mr. Terrific, who I wasn't fond of at first but has grown on me, presents them with a very special problem. He cannot be picked up by any electronic means possible. Since they require that in order to figure out how to defeat their opponents, Mr. Terrific presents a bit of a problem for them. We also see the aftermath of the trial of Atom Smasher and the repercussions for the team and their standing with the public.




Marvel Team-Up #11
Writer: Robert Kirkman
Art: Paco Mendina, Juan Vlasco and Scott Kolins (cover)

Once again Robert Kirkman shows that he knows and respects the Marvel Universe and how it used to work. If only there were more titles like this, utilizing various characters and introducing them to new readers in a way so that they don't really need to know more than what is happening in the book they have in their hands, maybe comics would become popular with the kiddies onced again. That would be nice. This book is always a treat.

New Avengers #8
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Art: Steve McNiven, Sal Buscema and David Finch (cover)

The slow burn that is a Bendis book. While the mystery behind who Sentry is and what exactly has been going on with him starts to unravel, the book is actually becomming a bit more interesting. My one complaint is that this title, rather the Avengers, was the title where you went ot see all your favorite heroes slugging it out with the bad guys, not standing around yacking. By the way, i love the alternate covers that they have been doing for this latest story line. I know I'm embracing variant covers but only because it's giving the stars of old a chance to shine again.

Serenity #2
Writer: Joss Wedon and Brett Matthews
Art: Will Conrad

While playing catchup with the series DVD, I am amazed at how well this mini-series has kept the tone while advancing things a little. This series is a good primer for those who didn't get a chance to catch the show or repeats before the upcoming release.

Superman #220
Writer: Mark Verheiden
Art: Tony Daniel, Marlo Alquiza and Ed Benes (cover)

This issue gives a brief recap as to what has been happening tha past month with both Superman and Superboy seeming to lose control of their abilities. It also features the reawakening of the Eradicator and his confrontation with one of the OMACs. Infinate Crisis cannot get here soon enough, between too many tie ins and anticipation, I can't wait for it to get started.

Ultimate Iron Man #3
Writer: Orson Scott Card
Art: Andy Kubert and Danny Miki

I really wanted to like this series, but with each issue it just feels more and more creepy, maybe that's the point between the tone of the story and the art, but it's just not working for me.



Ultimate Spider-Man #81
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Art: Mark Bagley and Scott Hanna

Consistant as always, this team has another issue under its belt as they head to the 100th issue. Spider-Man has a chat with Capt. DeWolf and it turns out that she may actually agree with the Kingpin that Hammerhead needs to be stopped by some means other than the police. This puts Spidey in an akward and precarious position until someone comes to the rescue.

Y: The Last Man #36
Writer: Brian K. Vaughn
Art: Pia Guerra, Jose Marzan, Jr. and Massimo Carnivale (cover)

The return of co-creator Guerra, brings us a tale of Yorick's girlfriend as she is in the Australian outback, while the "event" took place. We get flashbacks to hoe she and Yorick met and little glimpses into their relationship before seemingly half of humanity was wiped out. Another great issue from this group, it is sad to think that this is ride is over half way done.


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