Reviews September 14th, 2005

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= Not worth the paper it's printed on
= It is an OK book, not the greatest
= It is a decent book- Worth picking up
= Better than most books out there- Worth a second read
= This is what all books should aspire to be

Adventures of Superman #643
Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Greg Rucka
Art: Karl Kerschl

The aftermath and set up for the crisis to come. Superman has to deal with the repercussions of Wonder Woman'd final solution to the Maxwell Lord problem. The situation puts the trinity, the foundation of the DC universe, Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman at odds, will the three of them ever be the same?

Banana Sundays #2
Publisher: Oni Press
Created by: Root Nibot & Colleen Coover

The apes have thier second day at school, and Go-Go finds himself in a bit of trouble, not that there is any kind of surprise there. This continues to be a good title for all ages.


Batman #644
Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Bill Willingham
Art: Giuseppe Camuncoli, Sandra Hope and Jock (cover)

OK, so this gives Batman an out for the death of Spoiler durring War gamnes that I just can't buy. Granted the culprit has become increasingly dsistant from Batman and his methods, but for me it just does not fit the character of what I've come to know. That and Batman's resolution to the situation just doesn't seem right.

Black Panther #7
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Reginald Hudlin
Art: Trevor Hairsine, John Dell, and Kaare Andrews (cover)

House of M tie in that actually seems to work, while the others to me have seemed forced (OK I know that they were), this one actually kind of made sense in the grand scheme of things. Granted the promise made by the cover regarding the inside contents did not live up to my expectations, the issue still was pretty decent.

City of Tomorrow #5
Publisher: DC Comics (Wildstorm)
Writer: Howard Chaykin
Art: Howard Chaykin

Heading toward the end, this series about a boy and his father and a bunch of sexed up robots is coming to a close. Standard Chaykin fare. Decent enough read, but you have to be a fan of the man's work.




Fantastic Four #530
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: J. Michael Straczynski
Art: Mike McKone and Andy Lanning

Well, JM is starting to bring some of the soap opera drama into this series that he has injected into Spider-Man, but in this instance it works for me. I hope to find that eventually Reed Ricchards is caught in a compromising position with Crystal and that the Human Torch comes face to face with a dark secret from his past and that things go the way they have with Spider-Man and make this the best Avengers book on the shelf. Sorry I'm venting, but I am actually enjoying this book.

Hulk Destruction #2
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Peter David
Art: Jim Muniz, Kevin Conrad and Trevor Hairsine (cover)

The look that we are taking into the mind of the creature called Abomination and his motivations is kind of facinating. I wish that Peter David would continue to be in charge of the Hulk and his adventures. This to me has been one of his better character peices.

JSA Classified #2
Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Geoff Johns
Art: Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti

The plot thickens, what does the the Legion of Superheroes have to do with Power Girl? Not what you think. In fact a lot less than you may think, the tease in this book had me thinking that the outcome made sense and then to have the rug pulled out from under me, great stuff.

Little Star #4
Publisher: Oni Press
Writer and Art: Andi Watson

Struggliung between life's decisions, a man trying to do the best he can for his daughter and wife. I am continueing to enjoy this series, it's rooted in the real world and with life being what it is right now, I can totally relate.


OMAC Project #5
Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Greg Rucka
Art: Jesus Saiz and Ladrönn (cover)

The king is dead, long live the...whatever the heck it is that Sasha is changing into. Now with Maxwell Lord out of the way, the OMACs are activated by a fail safe protocol. With so many OMACs up and running, how will they be stopped?

Teen Titans #27
Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Gail Simone
Art: Rob Liefeld

Generally a title I enjoy, but with the regular writer taking a few issues off and leaving the writing chores to Ms. Simone, whose other works I enjoy, unfortunately the art chores are going to someone who just really need to stop. I mean it, the next time any of you see little Robby pick up phis crayolas, I give you permission to slap them out of his hands. His art on this book made the issue totally distracting and unreadable. I didn't get what the big deal was 10 years ago and I still don't see it now. One more issue of this mess then back to some normalcy.

Ultimate X-Men Annual #1
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Brian Vaughan
Art: Tom Raney, Scott Hanna and Stuart Immonen (cover)

The Third of the Ultimate Annuals and it continues the streak of showing what an annual should be. A complete story that will have some repercussions on the main title, but still an issue that someone who doesn't usually read the book, can pick up and understand everything that is going on. Congratulations Marvel on executing a trifecta. With Gambit and Rogue running around in Vegas and the Juggernaught in the mix, there is bound to be a fight or two. The trouble is, the odds of everyone making it out in one piece aren't that great.

Walking Dead #21
Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Robert Kirkman
Art: Charlie Adlard and Tony Moore (cover)

Nothing more to say than a consistantly good read. We were talking in the store how this book would make a good TV series, but the more I think about it, it probably would only cheapen the experience. This book is fine just how it is.


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